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Barblery, a Python image gallery generator

(C) 2005 Andrea Gangemi


During my outdoor activities I often take pictures using my digital camera.
Soon I got a huge amount of pictures, and I was looking for a simple gallery generator, in order easily browse the photo album.
I started using the tool included into konqueror file browser, I found it very nice, but it was not exactly what I was looking for.
First of all, I don't use konqueror (I belong to the "Gnome parish"... Windows??? Did you said Windows?!?... what the hell is Windows???... never heard about a WORKING operating system with such a name ;), second I wanted to have a description automatically generated by a simple text file.
That was a good occasion to learn some Python coding.


Barblery scans recursively for images, starting from a given directory. For each directory it creates a file images.html containing a thumbnail gallry of the pictures found.
It can also draw some nice navigation button to move around the directory tree and, if file exists, it prints at the beginning of the page the content of a description file, named description.txt
It has been totally written using the Python language, thus for properly working a Python interpreter (version 2.3 or greater) must be installed on your PC.
In order to obtain thumbnails the convert utility, provided by imagemagick tool must be installed. Imagemagick is provided in many GNU/Linux distribution (Debian users: apt-get install imagemagick). Alternatively you can use any other thumbnail generator provided that it is called "convert" and it accept the same syntax.

To see a demo click here


  • It scans recursively into subdirectories, one command build all
  • If a description.txt file is found into directory, it is converted into html and inserted at the begin of the generated HTML page
  • Uses HTML template file and CSS, that can be easily customized for user needings


  • Download the file
  • untar the file
  • cd barblery
  • at prompt type ./configure, it will create a directory named .barblery_data containing configuration files, CSS and HTML template


CD to the barblery directory and type:
barblery [options] input_dir
Available options:
-h --helpshow this help message and exit
-v--verboseverbose mode ON [default]
-q--quietrun silent
-d DATA_DIR--data-dir=DATA_DIR data directory [HOME/.barblery_data]
-t TITLE--title=TITLE set HTML title to TITLE
-s--show-buttonsshow navigation buttons on page
-r BTN_ROOT_URL--root_url=BTN_ROOT_URL root button URL [root_directory]
-b BTN_BACK_URL--back_url=BTN_BACK_URL back button URL [root_directory]
-n IMG_PER_ROW--image-per-row=IMG_PER_ROW put n images in a row [5]
-i--image-captionshow image filename as caption
--rebuild_cssoverwrite CSS file if found
-c CSS_FILENAME--css_file=CSS_FILENAME use different stylesheet
-g GEOMETRY--geometry=GEOMETRY thumbnails dimension [120x120]


Barblery is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. see COPYING file provided into the tarball for further details or visit the Free Software Foundation site.
If you like this program you can consider to make me a donation by clicking on the button below.


Go to the download Section to download the latest release, or click here

Other similar programs

Choise is always better. Probably you will find interesting and better this programs
  • igal is a similar program written in Perl, it is available in many GNU/Linux distributions; the program home page is http://www.stanford.edu/~epop/igal
  • Konqueror, the KDE file browser, has an automatic gallery generator
  • Jalbum is a Java-based web album generator, free and highly customizable, home page is http://jalbum.net


Well, perhaps too much! ;-)


Altough it is almost what I was looking for but there are some improvement I'd like to do:
  • An option for omitting a directory
  • A theme selection, e.g. having some themes subdirectory where to put custom CSSs


Thanks to:
  • The Python language, finally a powerfull and easy Object Oriented language
  • My friend D.M. (he wants to remain anonymous) who wrotes the very first lines of Barblery unveiling me some of the great features of Python language. The name Barblery was also suggested by him, it's a merge beetwen words Barba (beard, a nickname I have at work) and Gallery
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