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Float2Hex is a very simple application running on Palm OS Handhelds (well, at the moment I used only on my Palm Vx, and I tested it on Palm OS Emulator.
One of the reason I wrote it was because usually scientific calculators converts the float number into an integer prior to convert it into hexadecimal.
for instance, if you convert the number 1.5 into hex you usually obtain 0x00000001 as result instead of 0x3FC00000 (IEEE-754 32bit representation).
Below is a screenshoot taken from Float2Hex.

Float2Hex in action


It takes in input a floating point number and prints it's hexadecimal representation according to IEEE-754 standard or TI standard (see details below).
It can be useful for checking floating point data integrity on embedded systems.
IEEE-754 is a standard for representing real numbers on computer, it is widely diffused and consist in splitting the number in three parts:
sign, exponent and mantissa. A good introduction to this topic has been realized by Steve Hollasch. The TI format is the same of IEEE-754 32bit, but sign and exponent fields are swapped. I suppose this representation has the advantage to have the exponent byte aligned, thus probably reducing the number of ASM instruction in floating point libraries. I called TI format because this is the way float are threaten in Texas Instrument MSP430 microcontroller floating point libraries, wonder if it is compliant to some standard.

License and Download

Float2Hex is Freeware, you can use it, copy and redistribuite the file.
Float2Hex is PROVIDED WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, I currently use the program on my PDA (Palm VX), but I cannot assure that it is bug free, thus: USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!
Use it freely, but of course if you like this program perhaps you can make me a small donation, maybe a beer (free software for free beer ;), or sending me some money using safe transaction, clicking on the button below.

About free beers and software, It is my intention to release next version under the GPL license. I still haven't done because I have to convert the source code into a readable format (I developed it directly on PDA).

Click here to download Float2Hex


Thanks to Steve Hollasch for his the complete tutorial.
Many thanks to the Onboard C project who made me possible to have fun hacking my PDA everywhere.

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